Do you continuously run analyses for signal and power integrity as you move from schematics to the PCB floor plan and routing? Do you run post layout checks for signal and power integrity and check DDR timing? And do you always end up with good electronics? Are you happy with them, or do you strive for excellence?

Good electronics are electronics that you can get up and running, although you must put in enough effort. Every now and then, they display buggy behavior that is hard to reproduce. They sometimes force you to accept slower speeds and work-arounds.

Electronics designs are only excellent if they allow you to meet your deadlines with ease. They meet all requirements. They allow you to be in control, always.

Are you ready to move from good electronics to excellent electronics? And do you know what it takes to move from good to excellent?

From good to excellent

We’ve spent over 20 years helping our customers with designs for high reliability, high end, high speed hardware. That’s why we know like no other that:

  • Excellent electronics needs interwoven design. Experts on schematics design, analysis and PCB layout closely collaborate throughout the design process and actively engineer out all timing and integrity issues.
  • Excellent electronics requires an in-depth understanding of the analysis results. Models come to life and you can easily visualize what for instance a change in trace width, a via or a dielectric will do for signal integrity and timing.

Does this seem impossible to achieve? We don’t think so. We’re already there. And this is what we love doing. For you, or with you.

If you’d like to get in control of your electronics designs, simply get in touch.