Case | PCB design for NLR

The European Space Agency (ESA) asked the NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Centre) to design a demonstrator for a new generation of on-board computers for satellites. Out of sheer necessity, the NLR asked Sintecs to make the PCB design. The end results?  “We appreciated the close interaction between our designer and Sintec’s layouter to come to a good solution.” “ESA is very enthused because the project was finished according to plan, at the end of 2018”.

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Case | DDR4 troubleshooting: save the prototype

For a customer who develops communication systems, we troubleshooted their latest prototype hardware, including an NXP QorIQ processor and DDR4 memory. They experienced timing issues and were not able to get their hardware up and running. They turned to us for DDR4 troubleshooting.

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Case | dReDBox: design a high-performance computing platform from scratch

dReDBox gave us the chance to build a high-performance, high speed design from the ground up and to push our boundaries on high-performance and high-speed design. It had to be right the first time since there was no budget nor time for respins.
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