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EDA design support

Seamless design flow and high-quality integration of your EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools are essential to the continued success of your electronic design development. Sintecs EDA design support services, a forerunner in the field of EDA design services and having sufficient knowledge and expertise in this field have been working forcefully  to help its customers apply those technology to step up their production, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

From providing EDA design services to different EDA tool trainings, Sintecs has already helped its customers to revolutionize their electronic design process. Sintecs also anticipates the dynamism in the market and changing customer needs. Our commitment covers everything from providing expert design support, EDA tool implementation/configuration and customer training. Sintecs is also determined to bring down this sophisticated knowledge available to the masses, by providing trainings in the EDA domain.

Sintecs EDA tooling and flow support services

Are you:

  • Struggling with automation in your Front / Back end design environment?
  • Looking for on-site design / tooling support?
  • Looking to get the tools to work for you, instead of working to satisfy design tools?
  • Losing too much design time on repetitive actions, installation and design settings?
  • Looking for an independent second opinion on the design process?
  • Dissatisfied with the current design environment?

Contact Sintecs and find out how we can help you.

Sintecs is a leading European provider of consulting services with years of experience in creating tool environments to fit your company's needs. We work for a wide range of electronic design companies, to provide EDA design support on different levels. Operating on-site or off-site on the full range of design aspects, from concept to manufacturing output and change-control, we supply maintainable open platform independent solutions.

Sintecs EDA tooling and flow support servicesAs an EDA design Services Company, we provide services worldwide in the following fields:

  1. On-site design support
  2. Design Automation
  3. Design flow automation
  4. Design data management
  5. Tool integration
  6. Training

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