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Product design
An increasing demand for innovative electronic products at lower costs presents tremendous challenges for companies trying to satisfy both requirements. For product companies, Product Strategy governs company’s ability to outwit the competition and propel business excellence.
Electronic design
High Quality electronic design services can be difficult to find. The shortage of high-level design and verification resources affects the development of many electronic designs started todays. Sintecs serves as a natural extension of your engineering team to achieve faster time-to-market and high electronic innovation.
Embedded software design
Using an embedded software specialist to work on supporting components of your embedded system can shorten your development cycle, reduce risk, and reduce costs.
FPGA Design
Sintecs offers comprehensive design solutions in areas of FPGA and HDL development. Our FPGA services include Design/Development, Testing/Verification, Test suite development and RTL coding.
Type Approval (EMC & Safety)

Key to the success of any product is the consideration of the different type approvals, EMC and Safety Standards, which the design must meet. Furthermore a product may require EMC performance beyond that dictated by legislation, in order to meet required design performance criteria and ensure adequate signal performance.

Our clients operate in numerous fields, including military, consumer, industrial and medical industries. Some of our designs have been qualified for Safety Critical applications. We are able to operate to