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Horizon 2020 funding awarded to European consortium to make cloud computing greener

1st February 2016

The dRedBox consortium, which includes Sintecs B.V., has won €6.4 million in EU funding under the Horizon 2020 program. The three years project will develop a new type of cloud computing server which will lead to faster processing, better resource allocation and overall lower costs.

In today’s cloud datacentres, the physical system is composed of individual server units contributing processing, memory, accelerators and storage resources. However, this arrangement incurs a significant waste of these resources as well as low power utilisation, due to the inherent inability to closely match user IT requirements to the resources available within a single server or sets of servers. The challenge in this arrangement is to be more efficient, flexible and agile with these resources.

The new dReDBox design aspires to remedy this by moving from today’s server-as-the-unit model to a pooled-computing model, enabling an arbitrary sizing of disaggregated IT resources, deploying them where and when required, to perfectly match cloud user requirements. By doing so, dReDBox aims to transition cloud to unprecedented efficiency levels while reducing electric power consumption by up to 20%.

The dRedbox consortium, lead by IBM Research – Ireland, features a versatile set of prominent European R&D organizations, including Telefonica (Spain), University of Bristol (UK), University of Thessaly (Greece), the Foundation for Research and Technology (Greece), Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain), NAudit (Spain), Sintecs (Netherlands), Virtual Open Systems (France) and Kinesense (Ireland).


About Sintecs

Sintecs was formed in 2000 as an Electronic Design Service company specialized in high-speed board design and analyses. Since that time, Sintecs has been involved in the development of high-end products in several market segments like Industrial, Medical, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Defence, etc. With our projects, we have consistently pushed forward technology boundaries.

Sintecs offers different solutions in the area of System-On-Modules development, Embedded system design and Electronic Design Services. We enable our customers to create better products that increase productivity, improve product quality, improve total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide environmental benefits.

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