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Power Integrity analysis

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  • Multiple Voltage rails (or fragmented power planes)?
  • Lower voltages and tolerances?
  • Increased current requirements?
  • Tighter noise budget?

If so, you probably need to perform a Power Integrity (PI) analyses on your design to guarantee proper function of your board? Sintecs is your partner for Power Integrity analysis services. We provide PI DC analysis (voltage drop and current density) and PI AC analysis (decoupling and plane noise). Contact us for your Power Integrity analysis needs. We can supply you with a free quote and a sample PI analysis report to demonstrate our Power Integrity analyzes capabilities.

Voltage Drop and current density analysis

PI DC voltage drop

      Common problems

      • Not enough voltage getting to ICs from power supplies (leads to IC malfunction)
      • High current densities in voltage island eckdowns (leads to dielectric breakdown)
      • Excessive currents in stitching vias connecting islands (leads to via failure = disconnected power)

      Delivered power

      Another issue is the integrity, or absence of noise of the delivered power.
      The designer needs to determine the number and location of decoupling capacitors and the goal is to save component cost and board area by avoiding over-conservative (excessive) use of bypass capacitors.
      The designer may also want to experiment with the PCB fabrication materials and stack-up to determine the best electrical and cost solution.

      Power Integrity Analysis

      PI DC current density

      Obtaining impedance profiles of the power system network, analysis in the frequency domain (noise at various frequencies and resonant behavior), analysis in the time domain (noise at various points of time) and different isolation studies needs to be performed.For good decoupling design, studies need to be done on capacitor placement and selection (dielectric types, body sizes and values), via placement, capacitor landing pad design, ferrite bead selection and design and analysis of power islands / power splits.

      By using high-speed design, analysis and verification techniques early in the design cycle, designers can eliminate layout iterations and ensure that products are marketed on time.

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