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Product design

An increasing demand for innovative electronic products at lower costs presents tremendous challenges for companies trying to satisfy both requirements.

For product companies, Product Strategy governs company’s ability to outwit the competition and propel business excellence. Defining the right product to address the unmet needs is a key starting point; but translating those needs into a product that is made on time, within acceptable budget constraints and then inducted into businesses, requires attention to operational excellence.

Product Definition:

Product design

  • Starting from a draft or idea, define product features within specific constraints
  • Project management (Analyze your project's cost and available resources)

Product Specification:

  • Provide a detailed description of all technological aspects of your product
  • Hardware architecture and components selection
  • Software architecture
  • Mechanical and user interface

Product Realization:

  • Coordinate with other engineers on the project
  • Draw electronic schematics
  • Design programmable circuits, like FPGA
  • Simulate analog and digital circuits
  • Placement, Route and fabricate PCBs
  • High speed signals analysis and simulation
  • Design and code the Software/Firmware
  • Design the enclosure and mechanical parts with 3D modeling

Testing and Qualification:

  • Perform R&D testing and design test jig
  • Validate EMC compliance
  • Certify your product: FCC, UL, CE Mark
  • Produce production support documentation

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