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Board Development Studio
Board Development Studio is a tool which will help you to make design decisions early in your design process. It wil help you to predict layout feasibility/density before you realy are going to set up your design documentation or even going to layout.
IBIS Development Studio
IBIS Development Studio (IBISDS) is capable of viewing, editing and verifying IBIS models. You can view and edit the IBIS model in a graphical or in a text mode, just what you need for your task. The model verification is done using the golden parser (IBIS version 5.0) and can be called directly from the IBISDS user interface.
A battery powered Track & Trace solution that is able to support any function where the use of GPS and communicating information via a server is essential.
Reference design
A technical blueprint which contains the essential elements of modern technology. The Sintecs reference design enables a fast track to market thereby cutting costs and reducing risk in our customer's integration project. In this modern competitive world shortening the design cycle and speeding up the time to market is the major challenge.