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Reference design

Reference designThis reference design is a technical blueprint which contains the essential elements of modern technology. The Sintecs reference design enables a fast track to market thereby cutting costs and reducing risk in our customer's integration project. In this modern competitive world shortening the design cycle and speeding up the time to market is the major challenge.

The main purpose of our reference design is to support us and our customers in the development of next generation products using latest technologies. The reference product is proof of the platform concept and is targeted for specific applications. The reference design helps our engineers to implement solutions quickly, confidently and with low risk. Sintecs recognizes the importance of evaluating the performance of products in an actual operating circuit. Our reference design is a fully functional, 100% tested design.
Through the use of this reference design, weeks can be taken off of our design cycle time.



  • FPGA Virtex 6
  • PCIe form factor
  • High-speed board evaluation kit
    - Signal Integrity
    - Power Integrity
    - Timing Integrity

External interfaces:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • PCI-express
  • Optical IF (SFP/QSFP)
  • DVI
  • RS232
  • JTAG
  • SPI
  • External power

Internal interfaces:

  • SO-DIMM (DDR3 @ 533MHz)
  • On board DDR3 4x (@533 MHz)
  • BPI Flash
  • NAND Flash (4x)
  • Platform flash

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