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Power Integrity analysis
Power Integrity analysis service. Today’s low power designs demand high performance ICs using multiple voltage rails, where some are very low. The low voltage design issue of defining the power and ground split-planes to avoid excessive current densities and DC voltage drop can be addressed through power integrity analysis.
EMC verification

EMC verification

Racing against the clock and faced with the increasing rise time of logic, most of today's high-speed designers are concerned with the radiation of their design. Sintecs can help you address the EMC issues of your design. Sintecs provides on-site EMC analysis methodology training as well as on-site EMC analysis support.

Thermal analysis
Thermal analysis. Designers are creating Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with higher density, higher power and smaller than ever before. Thermal analysis is necessary to keep up with these advances. To realize and solve potential problems in the design phase and avoid costly overdesign or failure due to thermal issues, thermal analyses must be performed.
EDA design support

Seamless design flow and high-quality integration of your EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools are essential to the continued success of your electronic design development. Sintecs EDA design support services, a forerunner in the field of EDA design services and having sufficient knowledge and expertise in this field have been working forcefully  to help its customers apply those technology to step up their production, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Timing analysis

In modern system design, electronic devices rely on stable DDR (double data rate) memory for fast, reliable operation. Time spend for product testing is limited due to a shortened time to market, but when microprocessor-based products are released with unstable memory, this can lead to a costly recall.

Library development
There are times when urgency dictates outside support is needed to complete a project on-time, when there is no time or resources to do things yourself, or when the internal cost of creating new component models and conducting the content research is too expensive.
Signal Integrity analysis
Signal Integrity analysis. As interface speeds exceed 10 Gbps and edge rates drop below 25ps, new methods must be adopted. In such high-end designs, interfaces can connect several CPUs and span several boards. High-speed behavior is no longer limited to a few critical signals and can often affect more than 80% of the signals on the board.

PCB design
PCB design / PCB layout is generally under most pressure to release a product on time. This is the last opportunity to implement development changes before the design becomes a hardware product, the part when all the key issues need to be put together. In general, success/quality not only depends on the designer and knowing how to work with the layout-tool but also on the interfaces to and use of simulation etc.
DFM/DFA verification
Design For Manufacturing. At each successive step of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, the cost of rectifying a product design problem increases enormously. Sintecs uses the Mentor Graphics Valor NPI platform to provide comprehensive Design For Manufacturing (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA) analysis that can be applied concurrently with the design flow for maximum advantage, or at entry to manufacturing.