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Signal/Power Integrity Training

Course Description

Sintecs can offer to you a Signal & Power Integrity analysis and High-Speed board design methodology training adapted to your specific needs.
The custom two or three day class will allow you to become familiar with signal & power integrity analysis at the board level. The lecture's modules address transmission lines and their effects on digital circuitry and printed circuit boards. The course will present detailed examples from real-world designs to demonstrate the necessity of understanding signal integrity issues and applying sound signal integrity principles to your PCB Design.

Date:  On request
Location: To be defined, either on your own location or on any external location
Pricing: Please ask for our offer based on your specific needs

For more information you can contact us: here.

With this course you will gain a better understanding of the following:

  • Transmission lines and their effect on digital circuitry
  • Printed circuit boards: drivers, receivers, Zo, Zdiff, stackup
  • Quality board designs
  • Termination, topology, timing, parasitics, etc
  • Crosstalk: understanding and preventing
  • Differential pair: termination, routing, timing, EMI
  • Clock distribution, high speed busses, groundbounce
  • Reference planes: ground, power, return currents, splits
  • High speed layout: vias, connectors, capacitors, losses
  • Testing issues: equipment, probes, test points
  • Models: SPICE, IBIS, drivers, receivers, simulators and accuracy
  • PCB simulations that detect signal integrity problems before fabrication


  • Digital Design Engineers
  • ECAD Designers with some high speed experience
  • Technicians with High Speed experience
  • Those who would like to further their knowledge on Printed Circuit Board Signal Integrity issues
  • No advanced math is needed