We’ve recently moved to Gebouw N, a former Thales building on the High Tech Systems Park in Hengelo.

In this area, everything changed so even people who’ve been there in the past get confused.

By car

Directions to the High Tech Systems Park parking lot

  • On the Haaksbergerstraat, take the entry “ingang Zuid” to reach the parking lot.┬áIts coordinates are 52.245945, 6.769889

Directions from the parking lot to Gebouw N

  • Walk about 100 m north on the path between the Shared Facility Center and Thales. You will be heading straight for the front entrance.

By public transport

  • From Hengelo central station, take bus 53 to Haaksbergen
  • Leave the bus at the bus stop “Vockersweg”
  • Walk a few meters back in the direction you came from, and take the first road at your right, with the sign “ingang Noord”
  • About 200 m, you will see Gebouw N to your left. Continue along the building until you see its main entrance.

How to find Sintecs in Gebouw N?

  • Enter the building through the sliding doors in the picture.
  • Turn left past the receptionist desk
  • Take the blue stairs up to the first floor
  • Turn left, and go through the red double doors
  • Sintecs is the first company on the right side. Keep walking until you see a kitchen area, here you can enter our office.