How can we help you to get in control of your electronics design? We offer electronics design services and design support services to help you stay on top of your work.

Option 1. Prototype and PCB troubleshooting

Stuck with a prototype or PCB that you just cannot get up and running?
Find out how we can help you meet your pressing deadlines ›

Option 2. Pre-prototype PCB analysis and verification

Ready with your PCB design and need an in-depth analysis for corner cases?
Find out how we can help you get your design checked for excellence ›

Option 3. Turn your schematics to high-speed PCBs

Do you prefer to make your own schematics, yet you like PCBs that are tweaked from the start for high speeds and corner cases?
Find out how we can help you get excellent PCBs for your designs ›

Option 4. Excellent electronics designs for your high end, high speed products

Do you value excellent electronic designs and are you looking for a partner?
Find out how we can work to together to create excellent high-speed designs ›