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      Cyber Security is a field where our areas of expertise come together. We have developed Cyber Security products and solutions for IT companies, defense, national security services, large corporates and high-tech start-ups. Through close cooperation within our teams, we offer support in the field of both hardware and software.



      In our opinion a Cyber Security solution always begins with a well-thought-out security architecture. Based on that, we design hardware that meets the most strict requirements. Next is a layer of software that ensures that the hardware is also used in a safe way.


      Cyber Security issues

      Important Cyber Security topics and issues that we deal with are:

      • How do we optimally deploy secure boot, secure provisioning and secure updates?
      • Where do we use hardware encryption to combine security and speed?
      • Are the critical signals deep enough in the PCB?
      • Do the radiated electromagnetic fields not contain secret information (tempest)?
      • How do we deal with real time operating systems (RTOS) and system health monitoring?
      • What is the right balance between security, user-friendliness, and costs?
      • How can you secure a legacy system properly, without turning it upside down, and how can you integrate legacy software components?
      • How do you design a good domain separation between red and black information?


      We work closely together with our customers; listen to their wishes, ask critical questions and are happy to think along. In this way our engineers are able to develop a suitable Cyber Security product or solution for our customers.