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      Design Review & Analyses

      Within our Design Review & Analysis expertise, we help you to get your hardware design in great shape. We don’t make the design ourselves now, but we take a critical look at your design. We give pointers on how to improve the design, we discover where the current design definitely will not work and we can issue a quality mark for certain aspects. In this way you have more certainty that your first prototype will actually work, which saves a lot of frustration, costs and lead time.


      Design Review

      During a design review, our most experienced engineers take a look at your design with fresh eyes. In addition, we review both the diagram and the PCB layout in detail. Because our engineers work with diverse and complex designs everyday, they have a lot of experience with finding a suitable solution. We have managed to remove critical design errors for many customers.


      Analysis; Signal Integrity & Power Integrity

      By performing analyzes we can look even deeper into the board. We perform simulations on the behavior of signals in the PCB. In the Hyperlynx tool from Mentor Graphics all details are included, including the stack-up of the PCB, the type of vias that has been used and the properties of the IC package. We usually perform Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI), timing and crosstalk analysis. The PCB layout can then be adjusted so that the board works perfectly. Prior to the layout, a topology study can help you to choose the right memory architecture.


      DfM / DfA

      The final step in the process of ordering a prototype is often to perform a DfM (Design for Manufacturing) and DfA (Design for Assembly) analysis. With a DfM analysis we take a look at whether a PCB can be produced properly. With a DfA analysis we we take a look at whether the components can be placed properly on the PCB. These analyzes ensure that you know for sure that the hardware can be produced properly and that the risk of production failure is minimized. We have summarized our many years of DfM and DfA expertise in an extensive set of rules, which we apply to PCB designs using the Valor NPI platform from Mentor Graphics.