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      Mentor Graphics HyperLynx®

      HyperLynx SI ALT Promo

      Regular price: €2899/year

      HyperLynx is a complete family of analysis tools for high-speed electronic design including electrical design rule checking (DRC/ERC), signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI) with integrated 2D/2.5D/3D electromagnetic modelling (3D EM)

      HyperLynx is industry-renowned for ease of use, with automated workflows that make sophisticated analysis accessible to designers new to power and signal integrity. HyperLynx works with all major PCB layout systems.


      HyperLynx lets you discover and correct problems earlier in your design cycle using advanced simulation techniques to predict how your design will behave. Pre-route design simulation lets you explore alternatives to make informed design decisions, while post-route verification lets you perform detailed sign-off analysis before committing a design to fabrication. Increase your chance of first-pass design success in using HyperLynx to optimize your design’s performance and reliability.


      HyperLynx SI ALT

      The standalone bundle suggest a very developed functionality of Mentor Graphics HyperLynx.


      HyperLynx Connector Logo
      HyperLynx Connector Logo

      HyperLynx Connector

      The application tightly integrates Altium Designer for PCB layout and HyperLynx from Mentor Graphics for signal integrity.

      HyperLynx PI DC Drop

      The expert level power integrity bundle from the HyperLynx product line with a reasonable price tag.


      HyperLynx Connector Logo
      HyperLynx Connector Logo

      HyperLynx SI-PI PE bundle

      Sintecs tigether with Siemens makes it possible for you to try the new combined SI and PI bundle suitable for those who care about releasing the highest quality PCB designs.
      HyperLynx Products

      HyperLynx DRC

      HyperLynx® Design Rule Checking (DRC) provides fast, comprehensive electrical design verification to all PCB layout persons, hardware engineers, and SI/PI/EMC experts, regardless of their layout tool or level of expertise. Its automated approach can be used iteratively, to identify design violations that lead to signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI/EMC issues, eliminating manual inspection and PCB cycle bottlenecks.

      HyperLynx PI

      Identify potential power integrity distribution issues that can interfere with board design logic, and investigate and validate solutions in an easy-to-use, “what-if” environment with HyperLynx® PI.

      Accurately model power distribution networks and noise propagation mechanisms during both pre- and post-layout phases in the PCB design process.

      HyperLynx SI

      HyperLynx Signal Integrity (SI) performs signal integrity analysis using automated workflows that make advanced analysis accessible to everyday PCB system designers. From pre-route design exploration and “what-if” analysis through detailed verification and sign-off to manufacturing, HyperLynx SI has you covered!

      HyperLynx SI supports general-purpose SI, DDR interface signal integrity and timing analysis, power-aware analysis and compliance analysis for popular SerDes protocols, all with the fast, interactive analysis and ease of use and integration HyperLynx is known for. Want to reduce your design cycle and increase your chance of first-pass success with your next high-speed design? Use HyperLynx!

      HyperLynx Full-Wave Solver

      HyperLynx Full-Wave Solver delivers unprecedented speed and capacity through accelerated boundary element technology while preserving the gold-standard Maxwell accuracy. Achieve greater accuracy and fewer re-spins, even on the most complex structures.

      Designers can take advantage of high speed, accuracy and capacity for signal integrity, power integrity and EMI concerns – all from within a common interface. The Full-Wave Solver is built from the ground up to exploit multi-core and hybrid architectures, and to utilize the best of fast solver technology to enable fast simulation on a single core or multiple cores.

      HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver

      HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver enables efficient, full package model creation with multi-processing for faster turnaround time. It is ideally suited for power integrity, low-frequency SSN/SSO, and complete-system SPICE model generation while accounting for skin effect impact on resistance and inductance.

      Fast solver technologies enable rapid simulation on single and multiple cores. It is 20x-100x faster than other equivalent solutions and maintains full-3D gold-standard EMQS accuracy. The intuitive GUI enables users working with the latest system-in-package (SiP), package-on-package (PoP), stacked die, and multi-chip module (MCM) scenarios to easily extract accurate models with minimum extraneous effort on boundary conditions and port definitions.