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      Complex digital electronics design

      At Sintecs we work in four areas of expertise, focused on the development of complex digital electronics. Some of these areas are complementary to each other, while others are overlapping. However colleagues from different disciplines constantly work together to achieve an optimal design.




      Sintecs can help you with:

      PCB Layout

      Do you need layout assistance with a complex design, or do you need help making a decision for a reliable PCB-manufacturer?

      Hardware design

      Are you looking for someone who listens to your requirements and translates them into a producible hardware design?

      EDA Library Development

      Are you sure about the quality of the ECAD library used in your latest projects? Were the pin mappings verified before landing in the designs?

      Embedded Software

      Do you need help from an Embedded Software expert with the development of your electronic device?

      Signal Integrity analysis

      Do you want to order prototypes with confidence, because you are sure they will work the first time?

      Power Integrity analysis

      Are you sure about the correctness of currents distribution across your PCBs? Are there any overloaded circuits maybe?