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      Hardware design

      One of our areas of expertise is the development of hardware, with a focus on high speed digital board design. Think about designs with NXP processors from the i.MX and Layerscape series. But also Xilinx UltraScale + and Altera SoC applications, combined with DDR3 or DDR4, PCIe, USB 3.0, SerDes, and Gigabit Ethernet.



      We not only draw schemes, but also develop the hardware architecture, supervise the PCB layout and write the board support package (BSP). In addition, we ensure that prototypes are produced, we perform the board bring-up and the hardware verification. In this way we ensure that our clients receive a board that works without problems. This means that the board works stable, at all temperatures and even at the highest speed. Our customer then runs his own application software on the board.

      Some customers come to us with a small idea. Then we make the entire design; from architecture to a fully working board. Other customers do most of the design themselves, and ask us to do specific pieces, such as the high speed part around a processor or SoC. In both cases, we work closely together with our customers, ensuring that they receive exactly the hardware that is needed.


      Cyber Security

      Our engineers can also design hardware that meets the strict Cyber Security requirements and can actually be used in cyber applications.

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