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      two CADs, one application

      Sintecs HyperLynx® Connector Free Extension


      The HyperLynx Connector from Sintecs tightly integrates Altium Designer for PCB layout and HyperLynx from Siemens EDA for signal integrity. The Connector is a menu item add-in (embedded “HyperLynx”) providing support to set up simulation database, models and stackup and launch for HyperLynx natively from within Altium Designer environment. The Connector brings full-featured signal integrity analysis and verification from Siemens EDA to every Altium user while a user can stay in the familiar environment.

      The Connector leverages HyperLynx SI ALT ease of use and automated workflows, making complex SI analysis tasks accessible to the layout engineer while still providing the detailed modelling and simulation accuracy demanded by signal integrity experts.


      • HyperLynx Connector application is completely free of charge
      • The HyperLynx Connector for Altium tightly integrates Siemens EDA HyperLynx SI ALT for full feature signal integrity analysis.
      • The HyperLynx Connector is an Altium Designer menu item add-in enabling the setup and launch of HyperLynx from within the Altium user environment.

      System Requirements

      • Windows 10 x64
      • Pre-installed Altium Designer 21 or older
      • Pre-installed HyperLynx SI

      Free HyperLynx Connector Request