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      HyperLynx FAQ

      Sintecs BV is the official distributor of Siemens EDA authorized to selling the complete spectre of HyperLynx solutions. Our company also provides 1st line support for the customers experiencing troubles with getting started. Moreover, our engineering is also ready to answer the most complex questions related directly to signal integrity simulations run within the Siemens EDA HyperLynx tooling flow.

      General HyperLynx-related questions

      I experience troubles with installing HyperLynx and reaching the licence, is there a short manual for that?

      Please follow the requirements of the HyperLynx License and Software Installation Guide during the installation and licensing.

      How to run a first signal integrity simulation at HyperLynx? Is there a short guide for that?

      We have prepared a short video for you. It is explaining how to run SI analysis in short.

      We are working at frequencies of 10 GHz and higher, up to 24 GHz. What HyperLynx bundle is suitable for this application?

      The most suitable software that supports multi-GHz simulations, has DDR wizards and SERDES analysis included, is the “HyperLynx GHz” bundle. Please contact us to get a personalized quotation from Sintecs.

      We would want the DDRx Wizard, is it a part of the HyperLynx SI ALT bundle?

      HyperLynx SI ALT bundle allows running core simulations over DDR circuits. However, DDRx Wizard is not a part of the HyperLynx SI ALT bundle, so performing DDR timing analysis, for example, is not possible with this package. Alternatively, Sintecs can suggest the bundle called “HyperLynx SI DDR”. DDR simulation is enabled in this software package. Please contact us to get a quote.

      Is it possible to somehow calculate resistance on a not-homogenous polygon (for now just for DC voltage) based on copper thickness, is the software HyperLynx possible to calculate it?

      Siemens EDA (ex-Mentor) has some elaborate bundles capable of calculating that. Specifically, the HyperLynx PI DC Drop bundle is suitable. Sintecs is an authorized reseller of the whole HyperLynx product line.

      Is it better to go with S-parameter simulations maybe instead of IBIS-based simulations?

      S-parameter simulations are commonly used for the evaluation of high-speed circuits or RF signals. These models describe transmission lines without taking into account the driver and receiver. This means that the signal can be judged on the losses in the line, as well as on impedance inhomogeneities. The S-parameters do not replace IBIS models but represent another aspect of SI verification. The advantage of S-parameters is the ability to estimate the transmission line without any third-party models.
      IBIS models describe the driver and receiver, as well as parasitic properties inside.

      Where can I find IBIS models for proper SI analysis

      IBIS models are available not for every single IC. But some of the models can be judged as similar, trusted models, as long as they correspond to signals and frequencies in properties (see IBIS DS for these matters). Though using such replacements can slightly decrease the accuracy of the simulations.

      Questions related to HyperLynx SI ALT bundle

      Can we have HyperLynx SI ALT bundle license for a local PC?

      HyperLynx SI ALT bundle is a unique offer available at a single configuration. It is a floating (network) licence that can be used on a local PC as well, with no limitations.

      I cannot start HyperLynx. Error Checking License pops up, how to resolve it?

      Please check if you have installed the correct package of software. In the case of the free trial HyperLynx SI ALT bundle, the right installation file can be downloaded from the personal cabinet access to which has been provided by Sintecs.

      Please check if you starting a correct exe-file. Sometimes Users run the wrong HyperLynx packages of Siemens EDA casually. The name of the package can always be found at the title of a error notification window.

      Can we run simulations for EMC testing using HyperLync SI ALT bundle?

      EMC is not a part of the HyperLynx SI ALT bundle. Siemens EDA (ex-Mentor) suggests a separate family of product for EMC simulations called HyperLynx Advanced Solvers. This is a more expensive type of solutions than HyperLynx SI and it can be quoted by Sintecs upon request, please contact us.