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      Mitigating Influence of Electronic Components Shortage

      Electronic components market

      The electronics component shortage crisis of 2021 has already caused billions of Euros damage globally. As we know now, it happened mainly due to the COVID-19 shutdown in China and the growing demand for electronics followed after. The prices of microchips and passives are still growing fast as a result.

      Clearly, the crisis won’t be over this or next year, although there are signs showing that 2022 will bring at least a partial recovery of supply. The shortage of chips for the automotive market is already forecasted to stay at least till Q2 of 2022 by the market leaders. Demand in the consumer electronics market keeps getting higher very quickly. And building new production facilities on its way as well as ASML reports.

      Influence on electronics makers

      While the components’ market is struggling, the reflection of the situation directly influences manufacturers of different electronics on various non-consumer markets: defence and government, scientific and medical electronics, telecom and industrial electronics. The shortage hits companies on a higher level, it is PCB production. Having arranged serial production of a complex PCB takes months, during which the amount of specific electronic components may drop down to zero. Forced to wait for new supplies to come, manufacturers then face the situation of next batches to come on stock in months or even years, as reports say.

      Solutions from Sintecs

      Sintecs support partners during these complicated times with the number of services allowing to mitigate the negative influence of the market situation.

      1. BOM lifecycle and stocks availability control.
      2. Securing additional stocks for the customers: at the facilities of EMS companies or in Hengelo, at the site of Sintecs BV.
      3. Updating the schematic design based on the latest situation in the electronic components market.
      4. Changing the PCB layout topology and making sure that it has enough quality to be produced by means of DFM verification in Valor NPI.
      5. Consulting on available replacements for key electronic components of the design, predefining possible replacements for every key part on the design stage.

      Sintecs is able to lower the risks of getting a troublesome design with obsolete or unavailable parts. But even when a PCB is already bearing unavailable parts, and the supply forecast is not promising, our partners may rely on us in reworking problematic designs right before production due to the proven approach we call “design first time right”. Contact us to know more.