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      Signal & Power Integrity Engineer


      Are you interested in high-speed electronics design? Do you want to know and learn everything about simulation and analysis? Did you study electrical engineering, or applied physics? Do you want to be part of the team that is working on the future of ”Designing on the edge”? 

      Who are we?

      It is becoming increasingly difficult to design electronics. Many prototypes do not work under all circumstances for the first time. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of everything that is happening inside the boards. This allows us to help our customers design electronics that really do work.

      The engineers are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities. This is how we stay focused and how we are able to design electronics on the edge of what is technically feasible. We call this ‘’Designing on the edge’’.

      Your job as a Signal & Power Integrity Engineer

      As a Signal & Power Integrity engineer you are part of the team that ensures Sintecs to stay ahead with high-speed design and strengthens its pioneering role in this world. Your knowledge about PCB’s will increase and you will be responsible for analyzing and optimizing PCB designs. You follow the trends in electronics, especially in the field of high speed design. In addition, you need to have analytical capabilities and knowledge about the value of theoretical simulation models with which we calculate signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI) and timing. 

      Furthermore, you like to be aware of important functional requirements for high-speed designs for which you have learned the ins and outs of concept decisions that could be made in the design process. In the long term you will not only use your expertise to help our customers to make the best design possible, but you also implement changes in our way of working. 

      Together with colleagues from the analysis team you ensure that each design is thoroughly analyzed in terms of SI, PI, crosstalk and timing, using IBIS, verilog (.v) and S-parameter models. Eventually you will become more familiar with the basic principles of SI/PI and timing, complex PCB technologies, and high-speed interfaces. Especially in the beginning you will need a lot of motivation and commitment to gain more knowledge about the world of SI/PI.

      In your role as an analysis engineer you are the person that decides whether a design meets the SI/PI requirements. You will frequently communicate with customers to find the best possible solution with the limitations imposed by SI/PI. As an SI/PI engineer you will also regularly assist your colleagues of the hardware and layout team to take SI/PI effects into account during the design phase. You will have a diverse job which makes you feel that you have actively contributed to the design.  

      What do we ask of you?

      • A degree in the field of electrical engineering, or applied physics
      • Interest in simulation techniques, PCB layout, high-speeds design and innovation
      • A good command of the English language. But also a good command of the Dutch language, or the willingness to learn Dutch
      • Work experience as a hardware designer or PCB layout engineer is an advantage 

      What do we offer?

      Sintecs offers a modern, open and inspiring workplace and is located in Hengelo. Our office provides a lot of interaction between employees. We have a close team with a down-to-earth attitude. People often go for a walk in the lunch break, talk a lot about technology and we have a drink on Friday afternoons. The terms of employment are in line with the market conditions and Sintecs is open to flexible working hours. 

      More information 

      If you want more information about this position you can contact Melvin Mengerink (signal and power integrity engineer) by sending him an email (melvin.mengerink@sintecs.nl).

      For questions regarding the application process you can contact Vera Hooijsma.

      Tel. 074-2555713 

      Are you interested?

      If you are interested and have no further questions, we would like to receive your resume and motivation letter by email.

      job@sintecs.nl  to the attention of Vera Hooijsma. 

      By sending your application email you agree to the necessary condition that Sintecs shares your personal information with a select group of colleagues within the organisation to be able to assess your candidacy. 

      When the application process is completed, your personal data will be deleted from our systems.