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      Thermal Analysis Service

      One of the services we are ready to support our customers and partners with is professional Thermal analysis for electronic devices. Sintecs has accumulated the rich experience of conducting virtual temperature tests for various devices with passive and active cooling systems, with complex geometry and multiple boards heating each other up. This experience helps our Customers to cut the number of cooling systems that have to be tested in real life. Thus a device can enter the market earlier with fewer expenses on laboratory and field tests.

      PCIe Thermal Analysis

      Types of Thermal analysis we suggest

      The following types of Thermal analysis can be performed with the help of our engineers:

      1. simplified thermal simulation suggesting a general overview of Thermal situation in the device
      2. comparative simulations which are making possible choosing the most suitable cooling system for the specific device
      3. detailed thermal simulation allowing to predict thermal situation for a finalized design of a device
      4. enhancement simulation with a goal to improve a thermal situation by suggesting selective changes for an existing device or prototype

      Thermal analysis source data

      For the needs of thermal analysis, prior to the start of the job, we may request the following set of data:

      • PCB layout with all the key components in place
      • an accurate 3D-model of an enclosure, heat spreaders, fans and other part of a device cooling system
      • information about the physical positioning and orientation of a device according to gravity and other objects
      • definition of environment conditions
      • definitions of operating modes for a device and the approximation of power consumption for each key component