Are you looking to turn your schematics to a PCB design that is tweaked for high speeds and corner cases? How would it help your project if you could be sure that your PCB is right the first time?

A PCB design is the last chance to make or break the prototype. Its success and quality depends on more than knowing how to work the layout-tool: it depends on understanding what happens deep inside the PCBs.

Our specialty is to iterate towards a PCBA that works right out of the fab.

Our PCB layout engineers closely work with colleagues who are analysis experts. They continuously receive feedback on their designs. That way, we engineer out potential issues before they end up in the prototype.

Our track record

We have designed many high speed, multi-layer and high performance boards. Our layout engineers have built an immense expertise in this area, which we put to use for your designs. We have an encyclopedic domain knowledge of security, telecommunication, networking and consumer systems.

How we make your PCB design

As we design your PCB, our experts work closely together and scrutinize all aspects of schematics, layout and analysis. We make the component library, PCB floor plan and do routing. To annihilate potential issues in your PCB design, we analyze for signal and power integrity, high-speed memory timing and heat dissipation. We work with your engineers should a change in schematics be needed for a better result. Last but not least, we check your PCB design for manufacturability.

Our layout and analysis experts know how to interact with tooling for front end data entry, component library, and analysis. We use only state-of-the-art tooling with models that reflect the real-life behavior of the components and have ample experience that helps us to use tooling results.

Our way of working

We use proven design methodologies with strict internal guidelines and review processes. At the same time, we have an extreme commitment to your deadlines and have the reputation for being flexible so you can deliver on time.

Your next step

Are you ready to take the next step towards getting in control of your electronics design? Get in touch!

“We design our schematics ourselves and deliver them to Sintecs. They take care of layout, routing, and analysis,” says  Kadin from GizmoSys*.

“We once skipped power integrity analysis since it prolongs the PCB design time by about one third.

We paid for it dearly. We ended up with a redesign that in itself costs as much time as a power integrity analysis. On top of that came the PCB manufacturing time and the frustration of hunting bugs.

Ever since, we’ve always used Sintecs’ full expertise.”

*For reasons of discretion, we cannot put our real customer’s name on the website.