How is your prototype going to behave once the PCB comes back from the manufacturer? Will the design work as expected, or will some unexpected artifacts compromise the desired behavior? And how can we get rid of anything that may possibly create a nightmare?

In-depth simulations of for instance signal integrity (SI analysis), power integrity (PI analysis) and timing give insight in what will really happen inside your PCB once manufactured.

Our engineers have ample experience with simulations and analyses. They can suggest how you can take the risks out of the PCB design so you can get it right first time.

Our engineers work with component models and design tools day in, day out, so the models come to life. They have a feel for when a model is good enough, how analysis results translate to real life, and what they need to do to improve the design in the next iteration. They help you with the robustness of your PCB and check and analyze your schematics, PCB floor plans and PCB routing for corner cases. This allows you to solve the errors in the prototype before the PCB will be manufactured.

The analyses we can do for you to find and reduce potential issues include signal integrity analysis, power integrity analysis, timing analysis, and DfA/DfM analysis.

“A fire in one of our machines stopped our customer’s production line for months,” Sam of Lightbeamer* recounts. “Since this happened ten years ago, we only allow electronics in our machines if Sintecs has checked and approved our board designs.

This works out so well that we sometimes have to remind ourselves why we use Sintecs’ services at all.”

*For reasons of discretion, we cannot put our real customer’s name on the website.